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How Kundalini was discovered

"Right from the beginning of creation, man witnessed many transcendental happenings. Sometimes he was able to read the thoughts of others, he witnessed sombody else's predictions coming true, or he may even have seen his own dreams manifesting into realities. He pondered over the fact that some people could write inspirng poems or compose beautiful music, wheras others could not; one person could fight on the battlefield for days together and another person could not even get out of bed. So he wanted to discover why everybody seemed to be different.

During the course of his investigation, man came to understand that within every individual there is a special form of energy. He saw that in some people this energy was dormant, in others it was evolving, and in a very small minority it was actually awakened. Originally, man named this energy after gods, goddesses, angels or divinities. Then he discovered Prana and called it prana shakti. In tantra they called it kundalini."

- Quote from the book Kundalini Tantra, written by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. 

Watering Voices encourages you to embark on the journey inside and to find back to your power. To be able to unfold and to listen to the divinity within us, our higher self, we first need to balance our energies and let them flow freely through our bodies. Automatically it will be easier to observe and quiet our minds, understand and feel our emotions without getting attached to them, and feel greater joy and gratitude in our life. Before we can get to know and love our true self residing in our heart, we need to learn to love our I-ness, our so-to-say second and individual self. 

May we remember the sacredness of our life.

Blue Skies

Hṛdaya is our spiritual heart which lies in the center of our body. It is our essential and ultimate nature. It is another name for god, refined cosmic, celestial consciousness, or whatever you want to call the highest force. It is the core of our being.

While you may find it located in your chest, it is not in your physical heart but a dimension that contains the whole universe, whole creation, in that heart space. 


I chose this name for my service to humanity to represent the divine within us and our ultimate goal, which is Union - to establish a permanent relationship with the divine. Yoga! I want to create a space for your healing, and show you how to cultivate a feeling of purpose and joy inside your heart through the ancient practices of Traditional Himalayan Kundalini Yoga and utilizing Sound & Vibration to deeply connect within a Community of like-minded people. To grow and expand our divine potential.

What is Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that combines, asanas, breathwork, mudras, bandhas, kriyas, and meditation and works directly with our energy field. It is deeply connected to healing through vibrations - sound. It moves all stagnant energy and balances your whole being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It awakens the Nadis (energy channels),  Chakras, the Sushumna Nadi and ultimately when the aspirant is ready, Kundalini Shakti will rise. The sequences and practices of Kundalini Yoga are called Kriyas. There are many practices that belong to Tantra, but out of them all, Kriya Yoga is the most powerful and suitable for everyone living and engaged in this modern society. 

Kundalini Shakti

Kundalini Shakti is the name of the dormant potential energy which is based at the mooladhara chakra in our spinal column. She is the divine feminine, the force of all creation. At the top of our head lays the highest energy center, Sahasrara, which represents the divine masculine, pure consciousness. When this energy ascends through the Sushumna Nadi through all the chakras to Sahasrara,  Shakti reunites with Shiva,  and this is considered enlightenment. Union. Yoga. Each chakra is connected to certain areas of the brain and when Kundalini rises through all of them to the top, the according dormant areas of the brain will awaken, and the complete awakening of the brain will take place, like a blossoming flower. Right now only one out of ten areas of the brain is awakened in an average human being! 

 But before Kundalini can ascend and ultimately descend again, certain yogic practices are needed to prepare the physical, energetic, mental, and emotional body. One must practice asanas, pranayama, Kriya yoga, and meditation. And Kundalini combines all those practices in a beautiful way. One needs a real spiritual teacher for guidance and the grace of god for kundalini awakening to happen.

Kundalini Yoga to heal

Initially, we do Kundalini Yoga first to heal & purify ourselves, physically, emotionally, and mentally, to be able to hold higher density of energy and light. This raises our vibration and will ensure you a better quality of experience within and without. When we are not healed and if we dont have a spiritual teacher to guide our awakening of Kundalini, it can lead to difficulties and problems. That is why our goal is healing and not awakening yet. 

So this practice is for everyone, including those who have never done any yoga in their life! It will transform your life beautifully.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

-regulates the nervoussystem by working on the vagus nerve, creates the greater ability to shift out of a threat response, and into a regulated state of safety

- trains self-awareness

-a sense of your inner world

-becoming conscious of ones thoughts,

conditionings and feelings

-balances the whole energetic system

-balances the chakras

-activates the chakras

--activates our Energy channels called Nadis

-balances the whole physical system

-balances our emotions and learn to let them rise, flow, and be expressed

-increases energy levels

- can give a sense of peace

-can help with insomnia

-can heal all kinds of physical imbalances

-changes how you perceive the world within and without

-increases joy to be alive

-release unprocessed trauma

-can calm the mind

-can decrease anxiety

-can decrease depression

Did this resonate with you on any level?

Get to know more about

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Reiki Session

Distant healings and In Person healings

Reiki is a thousand of years old Buddhist Healing Technique. It is a very simple yet powerful technique that can easily be learned by everyone. Reiki is God's love in its purest form. It is completely unconditional. It demands nothing of the giver nor of the receiver. It requires no belief in the supreme being or reiki itself, used in its traditional form, as developed by Dr. Usui's System of Natural Healing. 

Reiki can heal the body and emotions, bringing them into balance and promoting health, happiness, prosperity, and long life 


Diving Into Sound

Everything is Vibration

Sound Healing provokes states of deep relaxation which helps to let go of stuck energies like trauma, fear, grief, anger, loneliness, sadness, depression and unwanted emotions more easier. 

I will take you on an intuitive musical journey where you can let go completely and connect to the sounds, the earth, yourself and the divine within you.

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Heart Opening Events

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - The World Is One Family

I offer events for open, interested, or like-minded people, where we can be ourselves and remember our connectedness and spiritual nature. We connect through Om Chantings, Jam Circles, Woman Circles & Cacao Ceremonies with each other, and open up our heart space. Sharing love will always multiply it and together we are more powerful than we could ever imagine. 

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