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OM Chanting - Bhakti Marga

OM Chanting is an ancient Grouphealing that has been practiced by the ancient rishis in the Himalayas. The great Yogi Mahavatar Babaji gave it to my spiritual teacher Paramahamsa Vishwananda who then gave the technique to humanity to raise the vibrations of all throbbing hearts and create World Peace, within and without.

We will be chanting the divine sound of Om, which is the first cosmic sound, the sound of creation, god itself. We sit in two circles and chant for 45 min and on a full moon for 1 hour. Every 15 minutes we change our place in the circle. The divine vibrations of the sound AUM can heal the body, mind, and heart.  Through the protection of the Masters, Om Chanting transforms negative energy into positive energy within and surrounding us and opens up our hearts.

The movement which enables us this experience is called Bhakti Marga


Donation based 

Upcoming Dates

Saturday, April 8th,  16:00

Sunday, April 23rd,  16:00


Cacao Ceremony

We will be holding space for a sacred Cacao ceremony. An ancient plant medicine that is known to open up the heart and embrace your divine feminine or masculine energy within (for male and female). It creates an inner space for healing and processing and whatever the person needs to experience, mama cacao will provide. We will drink the sacred love potion and sing together, invite different sounds for healing or be in silence, you will be guided. A beautiful way to connect to each other and ourselves.

Woman circles

Saturday, April 29th

Saturday, June 24th


Upcoming Dates,

Yin Yang (Men and women)

Saturday, April 15th

Saturday, May 13th

Sunday, June 11th


Donation based 

for more infos and constant updates, contact me <3 

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