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Stimulate your life force energy 

Calm your nervous system 

Discover your internal world


Jai Gurudev

My name is Jill Grass or Rajeshwari Dasi

This space is a place for healing, relaxation, depth, connection and devotion. My calling is to bring the eastern practices of Kundalini Yoga I learned in India to Switzerland, intuitively use my voice and music, offer Reiki healings, and connect likeminded people with the intention of helping to slow down, submerge into a deep state of relaxation and activate your life force energy in a world full of tension, stagnation, hurry and stress.

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My services to you

 Our life force energy (Prana/Chi) is the non physical energy that animates all living things. When something is alive, life force is circulating through it and surrounding it. when it dies, the life force departs. if your life force is low or restricted, you will be more vulnerable to illness. When its high and flowing freely you are less likely to get sick (mentally/emotionally or physicall). all of the practices listed beneath, activate your Prana, calm your nervous system and lead you unto your journey to discover your internal world.

Blue Skies

Watering Voices encourages you to embark on the journey inside and to find back to your power. To be able to unfold and to listen to the divinity within us, our higher self, we first need to balance our energies and let them flow freely through our bodies. Automatically it will be easier to observe and quiet our minds, understand and feel our emotions without getting attached to them, and feel greater joy and gratitude in our life. Before we can get to know and love our true self residing in our heart, we need to learn to love our I-ness, our so-to-say second and individual self. 

May we remember the sacredness of our life.

It is the art of surrendering to life, like a river surrenders to the flow without knowing where it goes. And where does the current carry it? To the ocean. The divine.

To Love.  -Sri Paramahamsa Vishwananda

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